NCAA Women's Soccer Final rankings Somis Sports
2022 Season
(1) Overall rating equals 50% of the sum of: a) the Score rating, b) the Win rating and c) the Adjust rating.
(2) The score rating is generally based on the game's final score (margin of victory), independent of W/L/T.
(3) The win rating is generally based on the team's Win(W), Loss(L), Tie (T) record, independent of the final score.
(4) The rating adjustment ("Adjust") tends to favor a team whose win rating exceeds its score rating and vice-versa.
(5) Some early season games have been recorded as an exhibition game by one team and a regular season game by the other.  If either team coded a game as an exhibition, then we treated it as an exhibition (non-game) for both teams.
(6) Any foreited game is treated as a 1 to 0 victory for the non-foreiting team.